Hisory & Benefits of Massage & Holistic Therapies

The history of massage can be traced as far back as 3,000BC. Humans have always had a strong instinct to stroke or touch the body when ailed in order to console the afflicted or speed up recovery. Massage is a caring, hands-on therapy which helps to induce relaxation, reduce the effects of stress on the body and restore a healing balance to mind, body and soul.

There are many benefits, both physical and psychological, to be received from regular massage. Many of which counteract the negative effects of stress on the body. When we are faced with a stressful situation, our body produces adrenaline which prepares us to either fight, flee or freeze. Our heart rate goes up pumping more blood round the body therefore increasing blood pressure; our muscles become tense; our minds become alert and we experience feelings of fear and anxiety and we excrete excess urine. In caveman times, this was useful when faced with a sabre-tooth tiger as the body was ready for action, however, prolonged exposure to stress can have a detrimental effect on our body as modern day living means that we are much more sedentary and many of our stresses are emotional and mental and not physical therefore we do not use our bodies as we used to when faced with danger.

Benefits of massage include:

  • Lowers blood pressure reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack
  • Induces deep relaxation creating a positive way of reducing the effects of stress
  • Increases the production of endorphins which make us feel good
  • Reduces pain and eases tense muscles
  • Improves recovery time from injury
  • Encourages restful sleep


Aromatic, Hands Free, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage
Choose from Aromatic, Hands Free, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage. If you enjoy regular massage, discounts are available on block booking or you can join our VIP Club for extra benefits and discounts. £38 - 25 mins
£48 - 40 mins
£58 - 55 mins
£79 - 85 mins
Your therapist will work on pressure points or reflexes on the feet which affect the entire body. An excellent treatment for reducing stress levels and improving well-being and energy. £49 - 40 mins
Hot Stone Therapy
Take relaxation to a new level as hot basalt stones are massaged over the body. You will be left comforted, soothed and grounded. £42 - 25 mins
£64 - 55 mins
Therapeutic Head Massage
A scalp, neck & shoulder massage that deeply enhances relaxation. Ideal for neck pain, headaches, general stress and tension. £49.35 - 40 mins
Cupping treatments £38 - 25 mins
£58 - 55 mins
Spa Body Treatments
Full body scrub and massage with LED light £180 - 160 mins


"I began having massage at Distinction in 2006 following a very bad hip break in December 2005. My first massage therapist was Pamela and she was succeeded by Jade in January 2009; without them I would still be crippled. Their care, attention and skill has weaned me off painkillers and given me my back my mobility. Very often, the therapists at Distinction will find an area of tension before I even feel pain and put it right before a problem arises. I also suffer from arthritis and they keep it under control by reducing my stress levels and keeping my muscles supple so many thanks again to Jade, Pam, Lorraine, Michelle, Tara, Lana and all the other who take care of me when Jade is on holiday. The service and care at Distinction is beyond compare."

Matt Taylor, Glasgow

"About 18 months ago I had quite a bad horse riding accident which resulted in my having a crack fracture in my pelvis; ripped glute muscle; crushed nerves at the base of my back & extensive clotting due to internal bleeding. I was sent home from A&E with some painkillers. I did a self referral to physio after 12 weeks only to be told there was nothing they could do for me. Thankfully Ashley and Amy at Clarkston have been willing to work steadily on my injury for just over a year now,without their expertise and ability to give focused massages coupled with their dedication and patience I am 100% certain I would not be as mobile as I am now. Their treatment has by & large left me pain free. I would not hesitate to recommend these girls personally but the company as a whole. I am indebted to them."

Fiona Ross

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