In 2001, Distinction Health & Beauty introduced IPL treatments to Scotland. It quickly superseded Laser Hair Removal as the preferred treatment for the reduction of unwanted hair

Distinction are committed to offering the SAFEST, FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE IPL treatments and are proud and humbled to say we have treated over 5,000 clients since 2001 and helped them achieve dramatic reductions in excess hair growth.

Not only can IPL be used for hair reduction but technology is rapidly moving forward meaning we can now offer:

Hair Reduction

Episoft IPL Hair Reduction
Consultations are free and all courses come with a guarantee. From £32


Occasionally, if the hair to be treated is grey or white or indeed through medical reasons, clients may not be suitable for IPL. Electrolysis is a good alternative and uses a small electrical current to cauterise the blood flow to the follicle. Several treatments may be required to obtain a result. £21 - 10 mins
£32 - 25 mins


Waxing Services
Service Price
Eyebrows £12 - 15 mins
Lip/Chin £8 - 15 mins
Lip & Chin £13 - 15 mins
Full Arm £23
Under Arm £13 - 15 mins
Bikini Tidy £12 - 15 mins
Bikini Wax £18 - 30 mins
Brazilian £33 - 45 mins
Half Leg £19 - 30 mins
Full Leg £27 - 45 mins
Full Leg & Bikini Wax £37 - 60 mins
Half Arm £17 - 15 mins
Neck £14 - 15 mins
Chest £31 - 45 mins
Back £31 - 45 mins
Hot Wax
Service Price
Bikini Tidy £17
Bikini Wax £21
Brazilian/Hollywood £36


The Episoft pulse is delivered in a pure refined wavelength ensuring the filtered light is only absorbed by the melanin in the target area of hairs. The pulse of light generates a photothermolic reaction heating up the hair follicle to 40 degrees while ensuring the surrounding skin remains as close to body temperature as possible. This process is aided by Episoft's water cooled refrigerated head - no ice packs are required!

Yes, the treatment is approved by the FDA in the USA for permanent hair reduction. When the hair and their follicles are destroyed, they will never grow back.

No, it is a whitish light (similar to that used in a camera flash). The light creates heat in the follicle which will damage and destroy the hair and its root forever.

Yes, better than laser. The company that made Episoft also make lasers. Episoft is their next generation system, replacing lasers in hair reduction.

Yes, better than laser. The company that made Episoft also make lasers. Episoft is their next generation system, replacing lasers in hair reduction.

As with any IPL or laser system, there is a risk of redness or mild burning of the skin. However, if you follow the pre and after care advice given by your therapist, the treatment is extremely safe. A patch test is carried out to ensure the settings are effective but also to safe-guard the skin.

You may feel tingling, warmth or a sensation similar to a flicking of an elastic band on the skin. Episoft is very versatile therefore at the time of patch test we would be aiming toward maximum comfort.

Yes, all skin colours can be treated on Episoft.

Very fast. An upper lip can be treated in 5 mins and full legs in just 30 mins!

You should avoid any activity which would make the area hot, sweaty or irritated and avoid all sun exposure 3 weeks prior and 3-4 weeks after treatment.

We are committed to keeping our prices affordable starting from only £37 for an upper lip area with discounts on packages and for Polycystic Ovarian sufferers. Consultations are free with no obligation to buy.

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