Acne Rosacea is characterised by facial flushing and if left untreated can lead to breakouts, swelling and eventually deformity of the tissue (especially the nose). Traditional treatments tend to include prolonged antibiotics, however, new research is finding that although the exact cause of Rosacea is not fully understood, it is now believed that helping the skin function and building up the barrier function of the skin can indeed control the problem. A professionally prescribed home care regime is crucial to control Rosacea.

Many people believe that Sensitivity is a skin type that is genetic and cannot be treated. The fact is that although people with fairer, drier skin are more prone to sensitivity as their epidermis is finer, sensitivity is a CONDITION that results from the barrier function of the skin being broken down and can happen to anyone at any time in their life.

The barrier function is made up from a mixture of natural oils found in the skin and its purpose is to control water loss, fight off bacteria (due to the fact that its ph is acidic) and to control penetration of substances through the skin.

Understanding this then helps us realise that when this barrier is destroyed, through harsh products or environmental aggressors, our skin is left open to infection, it becomes very dehydrated leaving it tight and flaky and does not tolerate many products often reacting with flushing, stinging and sometimes even swelling.

The barrier of the skin CAN be rebuilt through correct home care and simple professional treatments. As with all conditions, it is advisable to have a professional skin analysis before embarking on a programme for your skin.

IPL can help the condition by controlling bacterial activity and by reducing the vascular activity on the surface of the skin. Full Face £100
Course of 4 £350 (comes with Guarantee)
Small Area £65
Blue and red light can help reduce inflammation and bacterial activity on skinís surface. 55 mins £60
Course of 6 £300
A gentle lactic acid peel helps control oil production and helps build the barrier of the skin therefore reducing inflammation.25 mins £55
Course of 6 £275
55 mins £75
Course of 6 £375